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Keine Kompromisse beim Service

I want to be your friend. I WANT to have that connection with you. I WANT to see your kids grow. I WANT to show up for all your big moments.

I WANT to hold your hand and let you have the best session ever!

The art I create speaks my language. Clients tell me my images have this special magic. my goal is to show your essence! Create Art and Products that showcase YOU

Have the best possible experience with YOU

Art that will represent your family for a lifetime

Ordering your handcrafted photo products surely is a valuable investment. I want you to get exactly what you're looking for and be just as excited as me to finally see your package arrive!

My goal is your satisfaction 100%

Because I am happy to go the extra mile. Because I listen. I care.

That’s the power of positioning your brand to put relationships FIRST!

About me

I got into this business because I have a genuine love for the craft, the art, the connection. You have goodness in your heart and a generous spirit. You want to use your talent to bring love and happiness to everyone you meet. And all the while, you get to bask in the joy of being a creator, an artist.

How am I different?

Today, I understand being a professional as being a trusted advisor. I coach my clients before, during and after each portrait session to help bring out their best. I meet before hand to get to know my clients’ tastes, style, dreams and décor. I help them craft keepsakes and memories that will last a lifetime. I invest in education to bring my skills to new heights. I employ a team that will help me create a quality, efficient process for my clients. I appreciate and study old world master artists and know when to follow the rules and when to break them.I invest in my business education because I know that being here for my clients 5, 10, 20 years from now means staying profitable and successful. And yes, I bring in a 6 figure salary for my family as a result of continued hard work, dedication, constant growth... and high prices.

The process / Portrait experience

1) having a connected, emotional phone call

2) Consultation and session planning (Feel & vibe, what to wear, Location,...)

3) creating a rewarding Portrait session experience (laid back, no posing, fun dy out,..)

4) wowing them with jaw-dropping images at the Ordering Appointment..

My luxury approach

When you’re serving so many clients, you aren’t helping them choose clothes for their session, you aren’t hand-editing each image, you aren’t writing them birthday cards, and you aren’t meeting for coffee to coo over Pinterest boards. All the little touches that we soulful, well-meaning artists love, must be thrown out the window inthe name of efficiency. The experience is rather cookie-cutter and makes us cringe a bit.

Enter Luxury Boutique Sales. The perfect business model for photographers who value offering high customer service, exquisite products, and great art!

Contrary to what you might think, this market is not just for the wealthy. Remember, Walmart shoppers have the newest iPhone too. This market IS for people who value service and quality. In this market, you’re not just filling a need (“I need boudoir portraits cause all my girlfriends are doing it.”) This market is filling a want (“I want the BEST boudoir photographer. The one who is doing things differently. The one who will give me exceptional service.”)

Why invest in professional wall art?

Fact is, my clients aren’t hiring me as a photographer. They’re hiring me as a trusted advisor. They’re hiring me as an interior decorator. They’re hiring me as an experienced visual artist. There is so much more to wall art then simply “here’s the digital. Go print.”Here are the chief reasons why my clients choose to invest with me rather than print their own:#1) VISION: I have an artist’s eye for color harmony, scale, proportion and configuration. When I create a wall arrangement, I employ all these concepts and more to createsomething that exceeds my client’s skills and expectations.

#2) TOOLS: I have no idea how people can create arrangements without the specialty pro tools I have at my fingertips. I can scale an image, rotate it, add extra border, even flip the image if needed. I can place images side by side to see how they match up in a diptych or triptych. I can render frame examples and place them TO SCALE on the client’s own walls using digital templates. Every craft has its own tools of the trade. Digital tools are my best resources.#3) INSIDER INFO: There are dozens of consumer labs out there making products that were once only available to pros. Need a canvas? No problem. You can get a canvas, stat. But which labs will do the best work? Which products will stand the test of time? As someone who prints wall art on a weekly basis, I have gained valuable insider info and a keen eye for quality. I have access to the best pro  print labs in the world. I am always on the lookout for unique and gorgeous products and my clients benefit from my experience.#4) LIFETIME WARRANTY: I’m so confident with my product offerings, that I offer “Lifetime Warranty” on all my products. This means that should anything go wrong, I will replace the product, no questions asked. My clients know I care about them and their portraits looking their best. #5)  ENHANCED RETOUCHING: What your eye can perceive on a 5x7 print or on a laptop screenis vastly different than what your eye can perceive on a 30x45 print. I always tell my clients that wall art products get extra TLC in Photoshop. I am sure to retouch every stray hair when I know I’m printing large. #6) COMPLIMENTARY INSTALLATION: So you ordered wall art... Now what? A job is never done until the vision is complete and the portrait arrangement is hanging on the clients’ wall. Add “handyman” to my skillset list.Always remember, you are more than just a button pusher. You have the privilege to bring love and beauty to your clients’ homes. And, as a boutique portrait photographer, you have the responsibility to create exceptional service at every stage. When you demonstrate your passion for wall art, your clients will definitely see the value in hiring you as their expert advisor!


You are more than a photographer. You’re an artist! You’re a designer! You’re a creator of love and beauty! You’re the harbinger of happy homes, happy walls, and happy memories!


**2) Master Retouching is provided on every portrait purchase. I explain to my clients that when it comes to wall art, I handle each purchase with the utmost care. I want to be sure not a single stray hair is out of place and retouch accordingly.

3)  Lifetime Warranty is provided on every product we sell. That means if anything should happen outside the norm, we will replace it immediately. That’s amazing piece of mind for a big purchase.

5) Only the finest, professional portrait products leave our studio. I have searched the world for the best vendors available. We offer heirloom quality products not available to the consumer.



Products are the biggest component missing from a newbie’s bag of tricks. Most of us start out offering digitals. They are comfortable, familiar, accessible and easy. But where do those digitals end up? I like to call my computer my “digital junk drawer.” I know that I’m not doing my clients any favors by putting their favorite images on a drive that will end up neglected and forgotten. By offering physical products that can be enjoyed, touched, shared and loved, you are helping your client complete her portrait vision. This is also the most obvious way you can set yourself apart from shoot and burn competition who have little knowledge or experience of what’s available in the pro market.Just like with images, there is a range of products available from poor, to good, to exquisite. Just like with images, the goal for products is to present the absolute finestyou can. To discover if your products are just good enough or exceptional, ask a trusted, experienced mentor what they think of your offeringsand vendors. Try to hit up someone who’s been around for more than 5 years to get a better point of view. Unfortunately, there are many products being offered to new, inexperienced photographers that may be hot and trendy but aren’t archival or built to last.Another litmus test, is to ask yourself: “Am I willing to put a lifetime guarantee on my products?” All the products I have for sale carry a lifetime warranty. In 5years, I have had to replace 3 products because the craftsmanship didn’t hold up. I received an education with each experience and I gladly paid for that education by sucking up the cost to replace. 

Bottom line: higher quality products= higher price tag. If you want to charge for luxury, you must offer luxury in your product line.

Why Wall Art?

Only top Wall Art Pro Labs

Extra Retouching - Absolutely perfect and best colors

Installation Sheet or Service

Design Vision, Composition, whitespace - Designer wall Art


1) Sizes

2) Material

3) Kosten & Versand

4) Vereinfachen: Ein Kostenpunkt pro Größe (Worst Case Preise) in Gruppen

5) Sales einrechnen! 20%

6) Preise gegenrechnen mit COGS & Margins. Ziel-COGS 25% bei dem 20% Preis

Meilensteine bei 500, 1000, 1500 etc. knapp drunter ist oft gut

Session Fee

690 mit 500 Kredit


Money spent is money forgotten

700 significant investment - sets the tone for the sale

Whats the get out of my pyjamas Price