Let me be part of your very own journey

You don't pay me so I just press a trigger. You turn to me so that I can tell your very personal story, capture a very specific time in your life for you. My pictures have heart and soul.

Hey, I’m Melanie

The woman behind the camera. I usually wear my big glasses, a (very) messy bun and my face is stuck in a cup of coffee. If I'm not editing pictures or playing with my little daughter, you can find me outside where I walk my german shepherd Zeus in any weather. I love nature with all its whims!

I don’t care much about impressing others. It is much more important to me to stay true to myself and still remain a child at heart. I love the simple things in life, like a sunny day, simple but gorgeous wildflowers or the smell of spring or freshly mowed lawn.

My secret of happiness clearly is gratitude. My motto "appreciation over expectations" expresses this very well. We need to appreciate all the small things and live in the now to be truly happy.

I also love to browse through interior magazines or just to watch Netflix with my better half. We also love to travel. In my personal blog you will find some inspiration and more about me!

“I am telling raw and emotional stories rather than selling overly posed snapshots!”

What's so special about my work?

I love to give something back by being creative and sharing my passion. Meeting inspiring people, telling their stories and capturing their love absolutely fills me with joy. I enjoy working with people who are open-hearted, welcoming, adventurous and also a little bit crazy.

My style of photography is best described as lifestyle and storytelling. What do these fancy words actually mean? I am a storyteller who documents real life and true love with her pictures. I concentrate on the small and fleeting moments. A smile, a hug, messy flowing hair, a furtive look - I make sure even after years you’ll know exactly how you felt that very moment!

To me, It's all about capturing the atmosphere and transporting feelings across the screen into the world: not a perfect, posey, polished shot, but real feelings.

True beauty to me is imperfection and authenticity, being natural and your true self. I don’t want you to put up an act for my camera. I want you to come as you are - Honest, emotional, real!

Sounds good? I can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Melanie.

Fotos: T. Quesenberry

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A total of 11 top placements at the Shoot & Share Contest 2019 - the only free and fair photo contest in the world! Sounds good?

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